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Medici International LLC is facilitating international - local, marketing communications and business relations to SME's and Individuals.
We provide different platforms for the organic growth of your business; bringing your company much needed visibility via marketing communications and strategic planning.
Our Team has many years of experience of working in International Markets and provides consultations on business communications and cultural awareness.

  • International projects assessment
  • Generation of a potential customer list
  • Marketing communications
  • Business strategy development
  • Cultural awareness education
  • Business model assessment
  • Coaching

  • Job search and preparation for the Corporate World
  • Your professional image - what people see & what do you want to reflect
  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Consultations on Patent Processes

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    Medici International - Wine selling in China

    Wine selling in China

    Wine projects developments;
    Sales of American and European wines to China
    Wine market assessment
    Research analysis

    Altafulla Mar Hotel

    Common Economic and Financial Projects

    Amb. Postolachi is a distinguished diplomat with extensive experience in many different fields.
    Beginning his career in Cairo, Egypt, in 1973 Amb. Postolachi was involved in the biggest project of it's time - the Egyptian aluminium plant large work that Egypt has built with the help of the International both economic and technical support. Upon his arrival to Moldova and after numerous successful assignments in local Government, he was appointed to run the Foreign Economic relations office in Chisinau, Moldova to work on implementation of Common Economic and Financial Projects.
    From 2003, Amb. Postolachi was named the Deputy Minister of Reintegration of the Government of Rep.of Moldova- being responsible for conflict management and negotiations.
    Following that, in 2006 Mr. Postolachi was appointed as the Ambassador of the rep.of Moldova to the rep. of Austria, Slovak republic, United Nations and OSCE (Organization for security and cooperation in Europe)
    Amb. Postolachi has established long term successful operations for Moldovan companies in China and continuing his consulting business between US- Europe and China.

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    Mr. Tong Mingtao- China Ambassador to Moldova and Amb. Victor Postolachi."

    Selecting Wines from Moldova for Export with Amb. Postolachi. At the actual moment, 20 wine companies from Moldova export their products to China. In 2014, the sales of Moldovan wines on Chinese market increased by 7%, and the Moldovan producers exported more than 1 million 131 thousand liters of wine to China.

    Goddess Stones Shop

    Goddess Stones Shop- Exclusive Jewelries from Natural Gemstones from the World's best locations. #GoddessStonesShop

    Since the King Solomon times, people were fascinated with the power and magic of Natural Stones. Not only that Gems representing the energy of Mother Earth, they are healing you, protecting you and empowering your inner gifts and talents. The gemstones of our Shop are Unique, brought to you from the most exclusive mines of this World. You will not find a second similar piece anywhere else. Enjoy your journey, enjoy the Gems and we are looking forward continuing bringing you the most unique pieces.

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    Augmented video is now can be played from your printed images

    Talking bottles of 19 Crimes wine with augmented reality or Ikea augmented manuals went viral in a few days. Augmented videos from printed images today grab attention, tell stories, guide and bring your customers to your webpages.
    Collllor offers one of the most innovative technological inventions in a modern marketing field - augmented videos played from printed images.
    Designed to maneuver way faster than most search engines “Video printing” represents truly original capacities for both building and advertising of any brand. It is, without a doubt, a revolutionary breakthrough of a newest instrument of marketing in a Printing industry on a global scale.
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    Larisa Glazirani Haute Couture

    Haute Couture Atlanta

    Highly acclaimed Russian couturier Larisa Glazirani first exposed her unparalleled collection of evening tiaras, hats, gowns and artistic purses to US market in 2010. This coming year, 2016 designer brings to the fashion world Haute Couture collection of large sizes (up to 3XL).

    Medici International represents designer on USA couture market, collaborating with fashion stylists, celebrities and media .


    Let's ICFF

    Mikhail Svetlov, a Grammy nominee,a principal soloist of the Bolshoi Theater and the Metropolitan Opera

    1st Russian Opera Bass in USA who performed American Opera in English received, 1st time ever in the history of America Opera 2 Grands for performing American Music Abroad Belongs to the Top 10 Opera singers in the World
    Opera Houses he performed at:

  • La Scala
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Covent Garden- The Most Prestigious Opera Hall in the World (London)
  • Opera Holland Park (London)
  • Metropolitan Opera- New York
  • Opera halls in New Zealand and Mexico
  • Bolshoi theater
  • Salzburg Opera Theater

  • Villa familiar en UK

    Private flights at your fingertip

    Medici Internationals is taking responsibility of a business developemnt for Global Jet - the largest global database of private flights in the world. The company offers the widest range of options for private travel, both domestically and internationally, one-way and round trip.

    Chameleon Global Travel solutions

    Tourism on-line Redefined

    With 25 years of tourism experience, and 20 years of online tourism, Chameleon Global is bridging the gaps between Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and a quality global inventory of products with instant confirmation.
    Chameleon Global works exclusively with the travel trade as a supplier of over 240,000 products and services from 100+ countries around the world providing access to wholesale prices and the global tourism market.

    Medici International provides full marketing campaing for Chameleon Global. If you need hotels, transfers, daily tours, circuit packages, rental cars, and more, we can help. If you want to sell your product, service, or destination, contact us.

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    Atlanta Digital Marketing

    How can we help your business get more clients, customers or patients? W3 Group Marketing helps growth-oriented businesses market more effectively, both online and offline. We help you connect with your most valuable prospects and future clients, and also help your current clients purchase more often and in larger amounts. We work best with companies in the $1-$25 million revenue range, with a relatively high average purchase price and a high customer lifetime value.
    We help companies across many industries, from healthcare to legal, products, services, luxury retail, technology and more. We only work with one company per industry niche in a give geographic area, but we do incorporate proven best practices from multiple industries. We are an Atlanta marketing company but we can work with clients just about anywhere. Essentially, we can either become your marketing department or work with your marketing department to help you achieve a higher ROI for your marketing investment.
    For immediate assistance, please call 404-669-6682.

    Medici International in strategic Alliance with W3 Group Marketing is making sure that your Brand speaks out for you and its in harmonious partnership with your logo, business model and it brings desirable future sales. We help your local ambitions "Go Globally"

    Munson Site Selection Group

    Munson Site Selection Group


    Munson Site Selection Group is the premier site selection consulting group in the southeast. We offer a variety of services including site selection, executive search, board placement, and events exclusively for executives.
    Our current industries of interest are aerospace, commercial aviation, automotive, energy, and technology.

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    Executive Solutions Institute

    At Executive Solutions Institute offers the Covington Method and Customized Effective Scientific Methodologies for top leaders to achieve the peak performances. The Covington Method eliminates the unconscious blocks that create patterns that most Leaders face: overwhelm; worry / anxiety; anger / irritability; depression / sadness; frustration / pressure; lack of sleep or exhaustion.
    Medici International provides full marketing support for the University.


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